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Intergraph Intense 3D 100 (Rendition Verite V1000-E)


Memory4 MB
Memory typeEDO
Memory bus width64 bit
Core clock50 MHz
Memory clock
Initial price

Первый чип компании Rendition. Поддерживает свои собственные 3D API под названием Speedy3D (для DOS) и RRedline (для Windows).

Отзывов: 3

  1. Ahh, my 1st proper 3D all in one card (I had a Power VR addon card before it).


    A truly innovative solution, if only they could have kept up with the pack as far as development cycles went. :-(

  2. I have one to this day. No drivers (that I can find) but back in the day, it was amazing what could be done with a “basic” card. I played a tone of Quake, Decent, and MechWarrior 2 with it. Good times.

    Found this page after I located th card in my desk and went looking for drivers. (gotta try)

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