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Diamond Edge 3D 2120 (nVidia NV1/STG2000X)

Download driver for Windows 9x
8.4 MB


Memory typeVRAM
Memory bus width64 bit
Core clock
Memory clock75 MHz
Initial price

First nVidia chip (this one was produced by STMicroelectronics)
Первая видеокарта nVidia. Использует свое собственное 3D API и уникальное квадратичное наложение текстур.

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  1. I need the drivers for this card for Windows XP, how can i get it? Can you help me
    Thanks before

    • This board is far too old for even Windows 2000. You can try the nVidia site or attempt to install the 9x drivers, but there isn’t much you can really do for this card. I suggest you go and get something slightly newer, as modern PCs can emulate Saturn games better than this could ever hope to, or just get a standalone Saturn anyways.

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