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Dome Imaging 10-TBIRD-02 55-MD2PCI2-09 (Number Nine Imagine 128)


Memory4 MB
Memory typeVRAM
Memory bus width128 bit
Core clock
Memory clock
ConnectorsVGA x2, Luminance calibration port
Initial price

This card was used for medical imaging, it works either on PC or Sun workstations (two BIOS'es on card). You can install up to 8 cards in one system to get up to 16 monitors at once using Windows NT 4.0. Using Windows 2000 you can install as many cards as your computer’s power supply and available PCI slots can support. Prior using multiple cards you must disable VGA mode (except for the first card) by moving jumper J4 from pins 1-2 to pins 2-3. You can also use this card with another VGA card (you must disable VGA on Dome card as well). Luminance calibration port is used for calibrating grayscale monitors.
HWinfo detects 16 MBs of VRAM - not sure if this is true.
Number Nine Imagine 128 - first 128-bit GPU.

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