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Matrox Ultima Plus 200 VLB


Memory4 MB
Memory typeVRAM
Memory bus width64 bit
Core clock
Memory clock
Initial price

Card model MGA-VLB/4/200 REV 1.14, chip codename IS-ATLAS R1, RAMDAC clock 200 MHz
Самая "крутая" версия Matrox Ultima под VLB. RAMDAC 200 МГц. Модель карты MGA-CLB/4/200 Rev 1.14, кодовое имя чипа IS-ATLAS R1. Имеет зачатки 3D-ускорения

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  1. OMG ;) I did not know such cards existed :D Must have been very expensive back then… 4 MB on a Vesa Local BUS? that’s insane :D

    • According to D482235LE-70 datasheet it is 2Mbit (256kbit) graphics buffer, so total memory size 256×16=4096kbit. But memory type is actually VRAM.

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