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Dynamic Pictures V192

Download driver for Windows NT4.0
456 KB


Memory16 MB
Memory typeVRAM
Memory bus width
Core clock
Memory clock
ConnectorsVGA, Stereo
Initial price

Card is for MIPS platform, but also works on x86. V192 is very similar to ZLXp-L1 graphics accelerator for the Alpha AXP workstations from DEC. Rendering processor supports 2D and 3D rendering of geometric primitives with smooth-shading, z-buffering, transparency, alpha-buffering, stencil-buffering, overlay and window ID planes, and anti-aliasing for points, plines, polygons and full scenes. Graphics memory system includes 24-bit visible frame buffer, 24-bit double buffer, 24-bit z-buffer, 8-bit alpha buffer, 8-bit stencil buffer, and 4 overlay planes. Supported resolutions and frequencies (all in true color mode):
  • 1280x1024 @ 72Hz and 66Hz
  • 1024x768 @ 72Hz and 60Hz
  • 800x600 @ 72Hz and 66Hz
  • 640x480 @ 72Hz
Max theoretical power consumption is claimed at 25W.
OpenGL 1.1 support. I've tried to play GLQuake but with no success. OpenGL 3DPipes screensaver works fine. Probably I just can't find proper drivers.

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